rooms & suites

There is a prospect greater than the sea, and it is the sky (Victor Hugo)

Windows that soar skywards to make you feel that you are suspended on a cloud, spectators of a colourful world that remains magically removed although just a stone’s throw away. The rooms are pervaded by that unmistakable tang of the sea, warmed by the sun which steals though by day, only to be replaced by the stars at night.
  • economy

    Up to 18-20 sqm
  • classic

    Up to 18-20 sqm
  • superior

    Up to 30-32 sqm
  • deluxe

    Up to 30-35 sqm
  • classic junior suite

    Up to 32-35 sqm
  • deluxe junior suite

    Up to 32-40 sqm
  • classic suite

    Up to 35-40 sqm
  • suite deluxe

    Up to 45 sqm
  • royal suite

    fino a 50 mq