hotel & history

An antique setting with a futuristic spirit.

Welcome to the SINA Centurion Palace, where nothing is as it seems.
On one side the placid waters of the lagoon, and on the other the mysterious alleyways of Venice, leading to two of the city’s most stunning modern museums, the Peggy Guggenheim and the new Punta della Dogana.
A period palace with an elaborate Gothic façade, but when you step inside you find yourself projected into a future in which each item of the decor has been designed exclusively for your pleasure.
And in the heart of the world’s most romantic city, as if by magic, the discovery of a piece of ancient Rome. A money with the image of the ancient Roman centurion Antinoo which was found in the foundations of the hotel and has inspired its name. As if the glorious Roman empire wanted to pay homage to the grandeur of Venice, the greatest trading port of the ancient world.