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Slider 1 La Grande Rampante
Slider 2 La Grande Rampante

Maggiore G.A.M Sina Bernini Bristol: Open Space

A new reference point for the enjoyment of art that stands at the same time both as an exhibition space of the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. in the heart of the hospitality of Sina Bernini Bristol in Rome, and as an open space to dialogue through events that aim to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of art in a place that is of encounter and exchange.

A new way of dealing with art and a new Italian partnership: on the one hand the spirit of the Gallery that proudly carries on the art of our country internationally, on the other the Sina Hotels group that for over 65 years is a reference of prestige essential for luxury hospitality in the main Italian art cities.

The Artwork: La Grande Rampante by Arman (1999) 

“La Grande Rampante” is a bronze assemblage made up of replicas of the legendary Ferrari F40 - 120 x 130 x 50 cm. - taken from the monument of the same name made in 1999 by Arman, commissioned by Franco Calarota, founder of the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m.,  placed at the entrance of the International circuit  "Enzo e Dino Ferrari" of Imola, where the Grand Prix of Formula 1 of San Marino is held. For the occasion, the car manufacturer of Maranello has granted the master of Nouveau Réalisme the use of the iconic red paint for both the monument, which measures five meters high, and for its reproductions in scale - such as the one exhibited at Maggiore g.a.m. Sina Bernini Bristol: Open Space - and that makes the work the only officially authorized by Ferrari.  

The artwork, displayed at the entrance of the Sina Bernini Bristol hotel, celebrates Ferrari’s design and Italian history

The artist: Arman

Of Franco-Algerian origins, Armand Pierre Fernandez (Nice, 1928 - New York, 2005), better known as Arman, creates unconventional sculptures according to a long process of transformation of objects that will contribute to the creation of Nouveau Réalisme, a European movement founded in response to American Pop Art, together with Yves Klein. By reworking humanistic ideals in the face of contemporary industrial expansion, the Nouveaux Realistes renounce representative, virtual and symbolic illusionism, in favor of a new physical, concrete, tangible discovery of reality.

Among Arman’s best-known works there are precisely the Accumulations, a technique well used for "La Grande Rampante", which consists of compositions of everyday objects, waste or waste, with which Arman elaborates an aesthetic beauty with seemingly random and always optimistic rhythms, aimed at enhancing the poetic dimension of reality. In these works, the artist used to adopt destruction as a strategy of creation: slicing, burning and crushing objects and then recolouring and assembling them into sculptures with a dramatic tone. 


For more information visit the website of Galleria D’Art Maggiore G.A.M.