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Sina Villa Matilde

Viale Marconi 29 - 10090 Romano Canavese (TO), Italy

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Sina Centurion Palace

Dorsoduro 173 - 30123 Venice, Italy

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Sina Palazzo Sant'Angelo

San Marco, 3878/b - 30124 Venice, Italy

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Sina De La Ville

Via Hoepli, 6 - 20121 Milan, Italy

T. +39 02 8791311
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Sina The Gray

Via San Raffaele, 6 - 20121 Milan, Italy

T. +39 02 7208951
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Sina Maria Luigia

Viale Mentana, 140 - 43121 Parma, Italy

T. +39 0521 281032
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Sina Astor

Viale Carducci, 54 - 55049 Viareggio, Italy

T. +39 0584 50301
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Sina Villa Medici

Via Il Prato, 42 - 50123 Florence , Italy

T. +39 055 277171
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Sina Brufani

Piazza Italia, 12 - 06100 Perugia, Italy

T. +39 075 5732541
Fax +39 075 5720210
Sina Bernini Bristol

Piazza Barberini, 23 - 00187 Rome, Italy

T. +39 06 488931
Fax +39 06 4824266
Sina Flora

Via Federico Serena, 26 - 80073 - Capri (NA), Italy 

T. +39 081 8370211
Fax +39 081 8378949
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Giuda Ballerino, restaurant with a view near Via Veneto, Rome | Sina Bernini Bristol
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The Flair

Rooftop restaurant in Rome

The Flair Restaurant

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The Executive Chef Alessandro Caputo, originally from Sicily, offers a cuisine with a fresh, exciting and sophisticated character; similarly to the engaging environment where he operates in. The young Chef, thanks to the top Italian and European previous gastronomic experiences which have shaped him, guides the team with great professionalism and driving passion.

The name,"The Flair", fully reflects the elegance, originality and instinctive aptitude of the dishes proposed by the Chef, who can be admired by guests as he moves through the open kitchen with confidence.

The ingredients in the dish are left uncontaminated, treated with respect and glorified with the right cooking techniques. Moreover, the combination of flavors are kept in balance in order to give rise to an explosion of taste; according to the Chef this is the philosophy of his own cuisine.

"I would like some of my dishes to be savored with closed eyes in order to release all of their power", Chef Caputo says. Entering "The Flair" restaurant means exploring a new environment which is able to deliver a full sense of freedom, granting the privilege of looking at the Roman chaos from the tranquility of above.

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