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Sina Villa Matilde

Viale Marconi 29 - 10090 Romano Canavese (TO), Italy

T. +39 012 5639290
Sina Centurion Palace

Dorsoduro 173 - 30123 Venice, Italy

T. +39 041 34281
Sina Palazzo Sant'Angelo

San Marco, 3878/b - 30124 Venice, Italy

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Sina De La Ville

Via Hoepli, 6 - 20121 Milan, Italy

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Sina The Gray

Via San Raffaele, 6 - 20121 Milan, Italy

T. +39 02 7208951
Sina Maria Luigia

Viale Mentana, 140 - 43121 Parma, Italy

T. +39 0521 281032
Sina Astor

Viale Carducci, 54 - 55049 Viareggio, Italy

T. +39 0584 50301
Sina Villa Medici

Via Il Prato, 42 - 50123 Florence , Italy

T. +39 055 277171
Sina Brufani

Piazza Italia, 12 - 06100 Perugia, Italy

T. +39 075 5732541
Sina Bernini Bristol

Piazza Barberini, 23 - 00187 Rome, Italy

T. +39 06 488931
Sina Flora

Via Federico Serena, 26 - 80073 - Capri (NA), Italy 

T. +39 081 8370211
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Supporting local art

The collaboration between Sina Astor and Tambuca Art Gallery in Viareggio comes from a new way of dealing with art, where the hotel becomes an open exhibition space for dialogue between art and traditions. Here the local artist Elisa Tamburrini, aka Pelle D'Oca, has created a beautiful site-specific installation designed and built for this context.

The mural "The legend of the birth of Monte Procinto" is inspired by a folkloristic legend that literally has its roots in the Apuan Alps that rise behind the hotel, framing the Versilia region.

The story talks about an ancient time when the coast of Versilia  was often attacked and looted by Turkish ships. To escape the violence, a local fisherman took his children and fled towards the Apuan Alps. After an exhausting journey, the children asked their father to stop and the man found a clearing under a large chestnut tree where the whole family stopped to spend the night. But a sudden storm broke out causing lightning that ruthlessly struck the tree turning it into ashes together with the fisherman's family. At the sight of this tragedy, the god Pennino (protector of the mountain dangers) was so moved that he decided to transform the family so they could live again in eternity. The Mount Procinto (a popular destination for hikers, located less than 30 km from Sina Astor) represents the old fisherman, while the shorter peaks represent his children who, even today, are called "the Children of Procinto".

The mural represents the return to the sea of the fisherman, in the shape of Mount Procinto, and his children. In addition to depicting this scene, the mural offers numerous marine references: To emphasize the deep connection with the local environment, the artist made use of some recycled materials collected by the fishermen of Viareggio which give the work an unexpected 3D effect.